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Matt Cooper 4 Stillwater

Matt Cooper

Stillwater School Board  | Students & Education First


I am running for a position on the Stillwater School Board!

Our children are literally our future. As such, they must be protected, nurtured, and prepared to lead and maintain the health of our civilization.

The upcoming District No. 834 Stillwater Area School Board election is perhaps more important than many that have gone before. This election will be a referendum on priorities and progress. Will we elect Board Members that prioritize students and education first, or will we allow the District to be paralyzed and divided by challenges over past decisions and unsuccessful litigation? Will we support innovation in learning and growth or will we allow a vocal few to sow fear and uncertainty?

My 14-year-old daughter is a student by choice in this District; this affords me a personal perspective as well. Regardless of whether your children are too young for school, have already graduated, or you do not plan to have kids, our collective youth remain pivotal in all to come.

My priorities are clear and direct:

  • Ensure the physical safety of our Students, Faculty, and Staff;
  • Ensure a culture of psychological safety that fosters communication and individual expression;
  • Expand our foundation of excellence in education in all areas, from Special Needs to the academically gifted. This will support state of the art curricular development and innovation to bring greater Precision in learning – appropriate content and delivery that allows individual achievement based on interest, talent, and rate of growth.  Investment in the development of our educators is vital to deliver these competitive attributes. These strategies will be informed by tapping the best of internal and external resources.
  • Ensure excellence in student Preparation and Performance to effectively compete in the rapidly changing world. This includes recognition of the excellence of our programs which impacts the opportunities open to our graduates.
  • Fiscal strategy to address immediate financial challenges and secure our future.

Join me on this journey. I invite you to share your thoughts and priorities. Engage with me as we make our District the benchmark.

Thank you for your consideration in this critical undertaking.